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Belisario Corenzio

Figures in supplication before a Dead Child

Belisario Corenzio

Two Putti in Flight, and a seated Allegorical Figure

Bolognese School, 17th Century

Christ in the Temple

Circle of Tommaso Minardi

A Female Deity wearing Classical Costume and a Drapery over her Head

Circle of Tommaso Minardi

A Female Warrior Striding to the Right, holding a Helmet and Lance, in profile

Cornelia Maria Haakman

Tulips, Carnations, Blue Bells in a Vase with a Still-Life of Butterfly and Snail

Dutch School, 1770

A Bushbuck standing on a Dias, decorated with Foliage

Dutch School, circa 1800

A Bustard running

Eliot Hodgkin

A Glass with a Cut Rose

Eliot Hodgkin

Two Bottles wrapped in Paper

Eliot Hodgkin

Two Jugs

Eliot Hodgkin

Vase with Flowers

Gerard De Lairesse

Allegory of Freedom and Trade

Giovanni Battista Foggini

Giovanni di Benedetto Bandini

A Seated Male Saint

Giulio Benso

A Battle Scene (recto); A Group of Figures, After the Ceiling Decoration of the Salone Dei Giganti in Palazzo Doria, Genoa

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