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Antonio Senape

View of Lake Avernus, Pozzuoli

Antonio Senape View of Lake Avernus, Pozzuoli

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Antonio Senape

View of the Gulf of Spezia, near Genoa

Antonio Senape

View of the Salto di Tiberio, at Capri, near Naples

Antonio Senape

View of Villa Gallo, Capodimonte, Naples

Antonio Senape

Antonio Senape

Attributed to Baldassare Franceschini, called Il Volterrano

Saint Catherine of Siena receiving the Stigmata

Attributed to Giacomo Parolini

The Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Attributed to Giovanni Contarini

Two Putti, One Leaning on a Vase, another holding a Plate, after Joseph Heinz the Elder

Belisario Corenzio

Figures in supplication before a Dead Child

Belisario Corenzio

Two Putti in Flight, and a seated Allegorical Figure

Bolognese School, 17th Century

Christ in the Temple

Bolognese School, 18th Century

A Man Reaching with both Arms (recto); A Child and a further study of a Nativity (verso)

Bolognese School, 18th Century

The Virgin and Child appearing in a Vision to a Bishop or Abbot

Cesare Franchi, called Cesare Pollini


Circle of Tommaso Minardi

A Female Deity wearing Classical Costume and a Drapery over her Head

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