Crispian Riley-Smith Fine Arts Ltd

Sold Drawings

Venetian School, late 16th Century

Portrait of a Lady standing, Three-Quarter length, leaning ona Table, a Dog seated on the Table

Italian School, 18th Century

Study of a Relief with groups of figures and two Studies of Children

English School, 17th Century

Portrait of a Lady

Follower of Justus Sustermans

Portrait of a Lady, bust-length, wearing a brown Dress and a pearl Necklace

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Falling Figure (recto); Figure Studies (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Mother and Child and further figure Studies (recto); A Childs' Head and further Studies (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Bishop holding a Child, and further studies (recto); A Sketch of Figures (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Man walking with a Hand in his Pocket

Follower of Richard Westall

A Standing Male Nude, turned to the Left, Arms outstretched

Follower of Richard Westall

A stooped walking Male Figure, arms covering Head

British School, 19th Century

Le Gros-Horologe [City Clock Tower], Rouen

Bartolommeo Pinelli

A Woman and Child with a Dog in a rustic setting

German School, late 18th Century

Portrait of a Youth, Head and Shoulders

French School, 18th Century

A Sleeping Maid

Italian School, 18th Century

Apollo standing Full-Length (recto); Study of a Left Leg (verso)

Italian School, 18th Century

The Three Marys at the Tomb, after Annibale Carracci (recto); Studies of Legs (verso)

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