Crispian Riley-Smith Fine Arts Ltd

Sold Drawings

Wilfred William Ball

The Lone Field and The Pond at Lark

Edwin Edwards

View of a Canal, Rail track and a Town beyond, many smoking chimneys

Edwin Edwards

A River Landscape with a Town in the Background

Edwin Edwards

View of a Canal and Quay with a Church under restoration in the background

Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo

Saint Francis of Assisi conferring upon Saint Clare the habit of the Order of The Poor Clares, founded in 1212

Italian School, 18th Century, follower of Luca Cambiaso

Faith Hope and Charity

Italian School, 18th Century follower of Simone Cantarini

Personification of Peace, after Guido Reni

Giovanni Antonio Burrini

A Philosopher writing on a Stone, possibly Diodorus Cronus

Circle of Pier Leone Ghezzi

A Seated Pope with a large Drapery backing, beside a Table with accessories and an armorial design on a Tablecloth

Circle of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino

Saint Matthew writing the Gospel

Il Falsario, 18th Century follower of Guercino

Coastal Landscape with Two Fishermen resting on a Bank

Italian School, late 16th Century

Study of a Leg and drapery, see from below

Italian School, 17th Century

Mary Magdalene kneeling and praying

Italian School, early 17th Century

Saint Jerome

Italian School, late 16th Century

Assumption of the Virgin

Circle of Bartolomeo Passarotti

Study of a Left Hand and Forearm; Four studies of a right Forearm

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