Crispian Riley-Smith Fine Arts Ltd

Sold Drawings

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Falling Figure (recto); Figure Studies (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Mother and Child and further figure Studies (recto); A Childs' Head and further Studies (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Bishop holding a Child, and further studies (recto); A Sketch of Figures (verso)

Sir Stanley Spencer

A Man walking with a Hand in his Pocket

Follower of Richard Westall

A Standing Male Nude, turned to the Left, Arms outstretched

British School, 19th Century

Le Gros-Horologe [City Clock Tower], Rouen

Bartolommeo Pinelli

A Woman and Child with a Dog in a rustic setting

German School, late 18th Century

Portrait of a Youth, Head and Shoulders

Italian School, 18th Century

Apollo standing Full-Length (recto); Study of a Left Leg (verso)

Italian School, 18th Century

The Three Marys at the Tomb, after Annibale Carracci (recto); Studies of Legs (verso)

Circle of John Flaxman

The Story of Hermaphrodite (?)

Giovanni Battista Lenardi

Saint Stanislaus Kostka on his deathbed, shown an image of Maria della Strada

Bolognese School, 18th Century

A Man Reaching with both Arms (recto); A Child and a further study of a Nativity (verso)

Bolognese School, 18th Century

The Virgin and Child appearing in a Vision to a Bishop or Abbot

Dutch School, late 17th Century

A Seated Woman leaning on her Knee, and a further study of a Woman asleep (recto) and Two studies of a Woman, one in prayer another in profile (verso)

Bolognese School, late 17th Century

A standing Youth holding a Glass

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