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Master Drawings New York 2014, January 24 Till 22 February

Master Drawings, January 24 till February 22, 2104


The exhibition Master Drawings opens at Shepherd W & K Galleries on Friday 24 February, 4-8pm. Two exhibitions are featured, Italian Figure Drawing, and The Dutch Vision: Birds, Cities and Landscapes.

This stunning drawing by Gaetano Gandolfi is a new addition to the known drawings by the artist, and has not been on the market market for over 100 years and comes from the collection of Carl Mayer von Rotheschild (Frankfurt 1788-1855 Naples). This drawing has been firmly places in the 'corpus' of known drawings by Gaetano Gandolfi by Dottoressa Biagi Maino, and related to other known drawings by the artist and is dated to circa 1780s. A number of other Italian drawings will be on exhibition, all showing the diversity, beauty and range of drawings from the mid-15th century to the 19th century. 'A Mother holding her Baby' by Guercino will be included in the exhibition, and this is fresh to the market and from a private UK collection. Also included will be a drawing by one of the greatest Italian artists, Raphael, exhibition by Margot Gordon Fine Arts. Eight drawings and watercolours drawn in Italy of Italian peasants or 'contadini' by Francois Keiserman will also be on exhibition, and these are in a wonderful condition and fresh to the market.

Exhibited for the first time in New York is this beautiful 'A Black Tailed Godwit' by Aert Schouman, which the artist has characteristically inscribed on the verso 'it is the best likeness I can give with my hand and it will last as long as this line will live'. Other new acquisitions included are 'Young Man skating, a Tent in the background' and 'An Old Woman and Child Outside' by Jacob Cats, one of the best known Dutch 18th century artits. Also included is a fascinating portrait from the Netherlandish School, early 16th century and a cityscape of 'Utrecht' by Jan Hendrk Verheyen.

An exciting re-discovery is this beautiful watercolour by the bird painter to John Gould, William Matthew Hart of 'A Male and Female Emerld Toucant'. This watercolour was probably based on the pair which were in the collection of John Gould and now in the in the Natural History Museum in London. This exhibition is part of Master Drawings New York.

Images above:

Gaetano Gandolfi, 'A Sheet of studies of Six Fantastical Heads, circa 1780s', pen and brown ink on paper, 212 x 211 mm (8 1/2 x 8 3/8 in.)

Aert Schouman, 'A Black tailed Godwit [Limosa Melanura]', pencil, pen and ink and watercolour and gum arabic, 357x 247 mm. (14 x 9 3/4 in.)

William Matthew Hart (1830-1908), 'A Male and Female Emerald Toucanet [of the genus of Aulacoramphus prasinus cyanolaemus]', black chalk, watercolour and gum arabic, 560 x 371 mm (22 x 14 1/2 in).

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Notes to editors

Where:  Shepherd W & K Galleries, 58 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075. Tel: +1 212 861 4050 

When: Preview Friday 24 January, 4-8pm. Saturday January 25 till Saturday February 22.

Gallery opening times: Tuesday till Saturday 10am-6pm